Thursday, June 11, 2015

Do Despised ... Electricity Suddenly Extinguished, IT InfrastructureLarge Loss!


sudden power cuts can have a negative impact on the infrastructure of information technology (IT). The effect is felt, began to damage IT equipment to obstruction of business operations in today's modern era.

Power outages can be sure will cause a lot of problems, because electric power is the main energy source for electronic equipment. IT equipment that suck electricity sources that include servers, personal computers (PCs), switches, storage, printers, and others.

Automatic, so sudden power outages, all activity was inhibited IT devices, such as electronic transaction processing that requires the PC or server. Therefore, due to the occurrence of sudden power outages incurred losses are quite diverse.

Here are some factors to IT infrastructure loss due to sudden power outages:

Damage to assets

Sudden power outages have certainly affect IT equipment damage that ultimately leads to financial loss. Some devices, such as motherboards, monitors, processors to potentially defective server hardware.

Motherboard components function connects all components of a computer. That is, this component has the task to connect between hardware code language that can be synergized into a computer device work activities.

Meanwhile, another problem that will arise is the disruption of the performance of the server. This device serves to store information and manage a computer network. As a result, when the electric byarpet, then server performance decreases.

Yes, the server was required standby for 24 hours nonstop. Therefore, the server needs a power supply optimally and continuously. Without power, the system in the office network will die. Some systems, such as local area network (LAN) will not work directly.

Inevitably, with such conditions, as a private user or owner of your company will issue more budget for maintenance and the purchase of new devices. Therefore, the need for support of assistive technology that can minimize the risk in case of a sudden power failure problems.

Business loss

Hardware damage, in addition to making you have to spend to make a replacement, can also cause loss of data stored on a server or storage, interruption in the transaction process so as to give the loss on the business side.

Therefore, when the power goes out, users need technology support so that the electricity supply remains available for devices that work with the power source is turned on while waiting for a backup generator.

UPS as a solution
So far Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is the right solution when power outages occur. UPS is a device that serves to provide backup electric power and improving the quality of electricity for IT infrastructure.

Basically UPS is a source of alternative energy while replacing the main power supply, in this case the source of the electricity. UPS itself is a system power supply with backup battery support.

The use of the UPS to support the critical business such as servers, storage and networks is a must considering these devices should not lose power even for a moment. In addition, UPS is the right solution to anticipate the damage caused by unstable power supply voltage on your IT device due to the device to improve power quality.

There are some types of UPS types that need to be known to the user, namely offline UPS, online UPS, also known as line-interactive UPS, as well as true online double-conversion UPS. All three have a fundamental difference in function, especially in the electrical components to improve the quality and quantity of time displacement of the main power source to the UPS power source of the battery.

For example, in case of breaking up the flow of electricity, then the burden will be backed-up by UPS is classified as critical load. By doing so, it helps users to wear on-line Double Conversion UPS, because the displacement time counted zero seconds.

One of them is the type of UPS Double Conversion On-line UPS, which belongs to Schneider Electric Smart UPS series SURT1000XLI. Type Smart UPS supports output voltages up to 700 watts or 1.0 kilo volt-ampere (kVA).

This type of UPS will also ensure there is no break up the flow during the transition of the electricity to the UPS. You also do not have to worry about your IT devices will lose power, even for a second.

UPS types is indeed automatically directly supply its energy reserves. Period of time (running time) the power supply can be adapted to the needs.

By doing so, the UPS is quite useful for those who want to secure a server room or dwelling concept of Small Office Home Office (SOHO) on the occurrence of sudden power outages. In fact, the server supporting the e-commerce business will remain in your possession standby 24 hours nonstop.

So, from now you need not deal with privately-owned IT equipment or business support in the event of sudden power outages. Simply provide UPS as one of the tools your IT needs, plans and jobs continue to run even though electricity.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Go-Jek leak Peaked, Route Everyday Users Can Tracked


JAKARTA, Until Wednesday (01/20/2016), based on the observation ColekcolekTekno, user application data Go-Jek still can spy due to a bug (security gap) owned by the application.

Sensitive data belonging to customers and drivers Go-Jek, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, coordinates, and purpose, it can still be accessed from the API endpoint owned by the Go-Jek. (Read: Programmers Find "Ticks" Dangerous in Application GoJek)

This data leaks have been mounting since allegedly been many people who get a peek, even suck up all user data and the rider Go-Jek.

According to technology analyst and Executive Director of ICT Watch, Donny Budi Utoyo, data leaks in applications Go-Jek already serious and can not be tolerated anymore.

The reason, according to the man who is familiarly called Donny BU, it is not only the users' personal data leaked, but also their behavior or behavior.

"Go-Jek If the problem is not just personal data, such as name, address, and phone number, but also who's where, through which, and buy anything," said Donny over the phone to ColekcolekTekno, Wednesday (01/20/2016).

From these data, according to Donny, people who are not responsible be mapped (mapping) Go-Jek customer behavior and could be after him for evil purposes.

"It can no longer be tolerated because it is not just the data, behavior is also visible," said Donny.

The highest user data

Donny also underlined that user data should be the highest priority in conducting business online, and can not be underestimated.

He considered, Go-Jek should play an active role in delivering education about the privacy of data, not just to customers, but also to its drivers.

On the other hand, Donny also asked the government to immediately ratify the ministerial regulations on the protection of data privacy, or speed it becomes a law, as has been done by the developed countries.

In a written statement received ColekcolekTekno, Tuesday (01/12/2015), the CEO of Go-Jek Nadiem Makarim claim, it has to fix and resolve almost all the bugs in applications Go-Jek, although not 100 percent perfect. (Read: Go-Jek Claims and User Data "Driver" Safe, fact?)

"Data security has always been our top priority. For the safety and comfort of our customers, Go-Jek will continue to make improvements to our service system," said Nadiem.