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Top tracker For Centuries


Bloodhound breed is considered as an expert in terms of solving crimes. Amazingly powerful nose trace people and criminals for centuries.
That National Geographic Magazine September 2015 issue of the Bloodhound write about this.

But throughout the history of the Animal Police Indonesia, has never even once in the squad Bloodhound breed dogs.

Biologist from Victor Vallev College-California, Lisa Harvey, as reported by the National Geographic September 2015, said the facial skin Bloodhound loose, including the lapel mouth and neck hanging, and ears drooping and saliva are many, helped suck odor molecules ,
Advantages not possessed other dogs.

In fact, the President of the National Police Bloodhound Association, Doug Lowry, said the veteran Bloodhound dogs can trace scent 2 days old among the crowd, wind, and rain.

While the current handler Indonesian Police sniffer dogs quickly surrendered when confronted with a case in an open space where only told two days after the event occurs.
In fact, said Doug Lowry, Bloodhound dog smells identify each person as fingerprints.

Tips and how to cook pasta and delicious pasta sauce recipe

cara-masak-pasta-466x270 (1)

By the time the water is boiling, reduce the heat. Then enter the pasta with a sieve, in order to quickly drain the pasta when it is ripe. This is to prevent the pasta was not overcooked pasta that caused crushed, mushy or broken.
Do not cover the pan tightly when you boil pasta, so that water does not spill everywhere. The solution, prop cover the pan with a wooden spoon Sutil or to hold to a little open.
Do not put pasta that has drained away into a bowl of cold, because it will make a sticky paste. so, preheat the bowl with hot water, so the warmer temperature before putting pasta into it.
Do not boil two different types of pasta at the same time, because of different pastas, a different point of maturation.
Do not flush the finished cooked pasta with cold water, because it can cause a clot
Mix the pasta with the sauce immediately still warm to keep the pasta did not participate cold. So, cook the pasta and the sauce should be the same so that they are the same temperature when mixed.
Pasta that has been given sauces and toppings must be presented when still warm
Tips cook pasta:

Use the comparison of water and when the pasta will be boiled, which is about 4 liters of water for 1/2 kg pasta. It takes a lot of water so that the pasta can be quite mature, because if less pasta tend to agglomerate.
At the moment the water starts to boil, immediately add 2 teaspoons of salt to taste. Then enter the pasta when the water is boiling, cook the pasta in a way, stirring, stirring a few times - do not keep. Do not sealed with scotch, or might not be closed and leave. Stirring aims to prevent the pasta sticking to one another.
How to make delicious pasta sauce simple

Material / seasoning sauce:

30 grams of cheddar cheese
3 cloves garlic White
1/2 onion, sliced
300 ml of tomato sauce
3 tablespoons sauce Sambal
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tsp pepper
MSG to taste
3 tablespoons cooking oil
Enough water

Chicken Eggs 2 eggs, boiled
100gr Beef, sliced ​​-iris according to taste, boiled, fried ripe
How to make the sauce:

Heat oil, put onion stir-fry until fragrant, then insert the garlic, saute change color to brown.
Enter tomato sauce and chili sauce, stir until well blended. Add salt, pepper, and MSG, continue stirring. If it is too thick, add a little boiled water. Add the beef, mix well.
How to serve:

Serve pasta namely, 1 plate of pasta poured 7-8 tablespoons of the sauce, sprinkle with grated cheese to taste. Put a piece of boiled egg, or cut to taste on the side of pasta. Stir pasta that has been given until blended sauce and cheese, eggs should not be allowed to participate stirred, according to taste.

Thus some good cooking tips and recipe pasta sauce to produce delicious dishes and perfect


1. The first look Processornya, if Intel Atom or Celeron processor, while the computer we use for heavy work, do not buy. Choose a computer that minimal Dual Core processor (Intel Pentium or AMD Dual Core 2.6 GHz)
2. Then see also VGAnya VGA with the label "SHARED" should be avoided, because in terms of quality is not so good for playing games or watching video
3. The third see also its RAM, if only 1 Gb of RAM or below 1 GB,
better not be bought. Find the minimum of 2 GB of RAM
4. If you buy a computer see also its OS. If you buy a computer (assembly) without OS then ask for a reduced price. Can also use the Windows OS nonoriginal to reduce costs. If there are more funds could also buy a Windows Original, which would certainly be better.
5. To choose a hard drive with a capacity of at least 320 GB. If only 180 Gb is better not to buy.
6. As for the monitor, select LCD monitor with wide 17 inc (not widescreen especially that looks like a TV). However this depends on the desire.
7. See also his DVD RW, DVD-RW as well as important enough to read a piece of a disk or to burn cd / dvd
8. You can choose your own brand comfortable keyboard, while the mouse you can choose who wears wired or wireless.
9. If there is no floppy disk slot'm taken and the price is reduced, the use of floppy disks has been replaced by the flash.
10. Lastly, make sure the goods purchased have a warranty period of at least 1 year, if the loss has advanced and reliable computer but only 1 to 3 months warranty



1. A professor at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, encourages students to be active tweeted when the lecture.
2. Eat boiled cucumbers can help reduce bad breath during fasting, because interchangeable Cucumber cool the stomach and prevent acid reflux.
3. Leeds Badgers and Wolves Warwickshire set a world record by playing the longest soccer game world for 57 hours.
4. Stomach fifth snake lies in front of his body.
5. Did you know, 20 minutes after drinking soda our body's insulin levels will rise. The liver converts it into fat.
6. People who praised smile indicates that the praise expressed is a lie and just wanted to rag only.
7. At first the baby will smile during sleep, so entering the age of 3 months it will begin to spread a smile to others.
8 The average man experiencing mental decline when interacting with women, while women do not.
9. Bali has a similar historic archaeological site of Petra in southern Jordan, namely Gunung Kawi Temple site.
10. 20 to 30 percent of existing viruses on our fingers often originate from mobile phones we hold. [Journal of Applied Microbiology]

11. Women who experience premature aging daydream often without them knowing [Researchers from the University of California]
12. 65 percent of those who will be exhibiting the new breakup of their single status in social media at one month after a breakup.
13. Johnny Depp is afraid of clowns, spiders, ghosts and eating chocolate.
14. The content in Dark Chocolate (Chocolate Black) is useful to counter the rapid growth of cancer cells. [Thomas Jefferson University]
15. Guns N Roses guitarist Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal said 'Indonesian food in the world! I really like the taste of it is so strong spices'.

Love That Makes Addiction



Falling in love is indeed addictive guys huh ?! Even for people who have felt the bitterness of love, he would not be able to reject the opium this one, falling in love. It is reasonable anyway, because when we fall in love with our brains secrete a substance dopamine, the substance that will give us the effect of opium.

Already know opiate effects that would make us feel happy and happy ?! Due to this reason also often addicted people to feel in love and felt they could not live happily without love. Continue to want to choose real opiate addiction or addictive want love, guys

When you had a crush on someone, there are times when you feel almost mad. How not crazy, when you had a crush on someone you will often remember vividly the person you crush, you can not stop to think about it or remove it from your mind. Fancy term does not eat good, sleep was not restful, just imagine him alone.

Well, if you've so blame the substance serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is one of the hormones that affect a person's mood and attitude. When you fall in love, your brain will be flooded with these hormones so you will feel carefree, happy, increased appetite, and always think of the person you appraiser.

Essentially, it is important to make the blindness remains a lasting relationship. But make no mistake select pairs yes, look for a pair that will take you to the pinnacle of success and blinded eyes of all the shortcomings and thank him for what. Moreover, in this world no man is perfect, right ?!

Through video storytelling with a duration of 15 Seconds


15-second video on Instagram has its own charm. Through dynamic video, your story can be enjoyed by the followers are more real.

Indeed, making a video requires more effort than the snapped a photograph. But, if it turns out the video 15 seconds can make your Instagram content more interesting, what the harm in trying?

Tip number one in producing a video that is interesting, according to Ryanne Hodson, a video blogger and editor for, in the book Secrets of Videoblogging quoted, is enthusiasm in recording an idea or story you want to share to the followers.

Moreover, now makes video only require simple equipment and easy to use. With the smartphone's camera just anybody can produce videos that could reap hundreds of like Instagram. Today's smartphones the camera produces images whose quality is not less than a professional camera.

want to make a simple sweet video for couples? Working on any video stopmotion of features Super-GIF. Greeting anniversary celebration for instance, can feel different from the greeting in the previous year, with stopmotion sweet words and photographs of intimacy you both.

Video creations can you try with 8 megapixel main camera and a front camera of 5 megapixels. Both had the sensitivity to weak light conditions, and is equipped with Pure Image 2.0+ capable of producing quality photo portraits and record the results like a pro camera.

Easy Tips to Keep Your Eye Health

mata 3

1. Note the distance Reading Books. Try reading a book on the ideal distance. The ideal distance is that reading a book at a distance of 30 cm from the book to the eye. This is to prevent eye diseases such as myopia or nearsightedness.

2. Lighting Enough. Do not use lighting too dim when studying or reading any of it. due to the lack of lighting can interfere with eye health.

3. Rest your eyes. Try to rest my eyes, when it has been too long in front of a computer or laptop screen while working on a task or activity on a computer or laptop. It is also very important to maintain the health of your eyes.

4. Do I checked Mata. Try not rubbed his eyes, when hands are dirty or depleted holding some object. Because dirty hands can infect the eye organ that would cause serious harm to the health of your eyes.

5. Blink eyes. Try to blink with the intensity a little plus, when focusing too long to see something like the computer or laptop.

6. Food For Eyes. Try to eat foods that are very good for eye health. In this case, the carrots are foods that are best for eye health, because it contains vitamin A which is very good for eye health.

History of the keyboard in general.

GCS CROP 2010-10

1. Harpsichord. This is the first type of keyboard that produces sound by plucking the strings like a guitar, only an excerpt form of keys. Although you press keys with strong or weak, the strength of the resulting sound remains the same.

2. Piano. By using small hammers instead of the passage, the sound is more dynamic. Hammers is run with the keys, which give a pianist full control of the strength or weakness of the sound produced.

3. Electric piano. Although the piano has an elegant and beautiful voice, the piano is very difficult to be moved to a place. When the presence of musicians in the 50s began to bloom, they want a portable musical instruments like drums. Therefore made electric piano (and organ).

4. Synthesizer. After 300 years since the emergence of the harpsichord and piano, the musicians began to familiar and comfortable with the keyboard keys. Made a musical instrument that has the same look as a keyboard but with the sound of electric-called synthesizer. Until that time, the keyboard player is still called a "pianist" or "organic".

However, when the birth of musical instruments that have the same appearance as a piano, but can produce the sound of musical instruments orchestra to sound singing cat, nicknamed "pianist" does not fit anymore, then designations keyboard player appear.

Powerful Ways To Get Pregnant And Boys


1. Pregnant How To Make Boys Associated Before Ovulation
If you are a couple who wanted a boy, you should have sex at the time or the day before ovulation. Ovulation is the time of the release of an egg from the ovary to the uterus of women. Usually ovulation time is three days before coming month and day 17 after coming months.

2. Consume Food Here
Attack mother if you want to have a boy should eat foods high in sodium and potassium as well as reducing calcium and magnesium. Foods high in sodium will create a wet environment. Bernatrium and high potassium foods include soybeans, bananas and tomatoes. Foods rich in calcium and magnesium to avoid include broccoli, shellfish and spinach.

3. Perform "Tunneling" Which is In
By doing a "breakthrough" that in, this will help seed the husband approached the wife of the egg cell. If it is not too deep, then the germ cells need efforts that are difficult to approach ovary cells, so the risk to get ovary cells would be difficult if the seeds are dead in the middle of the road when approaching the ovaries. if you do so in this will help to shorten the course of seed to the ovary. This is also the recommended way to get pregnant and have a baby boy.

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Here are the steps MTB bike wash correctly

Anatoni Sepeda Mtb

1. Remove all accessories that are in the handle bar (handlebar), eg: bell, lights, speedometer, etc.. If you use the V connecting cable brakes off by pressing on both sides of the calipers. Unplug v brakes technique is applicable also if you use V brakes on the rear wheels.

2. Rewind your bike, to avoid abrasions on the saddle and grips we can wear shoes that are not too hard and soft for example, we can use a mattress with a thickness of 5mm.
How to flip your bike properly is standing next to the bike grasp the front suspension (down tube) and one hand holding the seat post (saddle seat). Then turn slowly until the bike upside down.

3. Remove the front and rear wheels, open the front axle fasteners to open the locking clip if there is, if you do not use a bicycle clip, you need to use a wrench in accordance with the size of the bolts are used as locking the front axle.
To remove the rear wheel, loose fasteners rear axle, pull backward gear shifting system (RD) sufficiently so that the rear derailleur rear wheels can pull up and apart.

4. Clean the drive system (chain, gears, pedals, rear derailleur). Prepare a brush and soapy water. Start brushing RD with a brush soaked in soapy water, to clean the chain using a soft cloth, dampen the cloth with soapy water by turning the chain swivel your pedal forward so that the chain rotates. Hold the cloth against the chain of your bike so that dirt that is attached to the last lap.
Continue with cleaning Crank (front gear, the pedal arm and pedal) with a brush that was in the wet with soapy water, brush evenly and thoroughly so that all parts of the front drive exposed regardless of soapy water and dirt, then wipe with a clean cloth.
Clean the pedal and the gear side with a brush soaked in soapy water, continue to dry with a clean cloth.

5. Clean the bottom of the frame, use a cloth and soapy water. Wipe evenly to all parts of the frame, handle bars (front handlebar), the top tube (top frame), and seat ways (rear frame). Do not forget to clean the gear shifting cable and the brake puller.

How to redden the lips


1. Use toothpaste
There have been many who know if the toothpaste in addition can make teeth be healthier and whiter, can also be utilized as a lipstick. It is very inexpensive, use toothpaste by applying toothpaste thin on the lips when they want to sleep. Well, do it this way regularly every night for 3 nights only

2. The advantage of honey

To support the rosy color and luster of your lips, then you can use honey after you use toothpaste as a rouge your lips. It's easy, you can apply honey often as possible after you use toothpaste during the three nights. the vitamin C content in honey can make the lips become more red and shiny healthy looking natural

3. Use butter and fruit and vegetable consumption

After two things above, you can use butter and honey just to make your lips become redder. To make your red lips look more natural and certainly not missing, then run a healthy lifestyle by eating foods healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Consumption of vegetables and fruit in the right amount, then in a short time your lips much healthier.

Extraordinary Benefits Eggplant for Health


1. The brain food. The content of phyto nutrients in the eggplant is one of the nutrients that are needed by the brain organ. So, for those of you who are confused to choose the type of food that is able to nourish the brain, the eggplant will be one solution.

2. Better Digestion. High fiber content in eggplant can help heal the digestive tract and prevent cancers that can affect your colon.

3. Prevention of Diabetes. This is because, eggplant is a source of soluble fiber and low in carbohydrates are excellent for preventing diabetes.

4. Food For Heart. This is because, eggplant can help lower bad cholesterol are at risk of harm to the heart organ.

5. Control High Blood Pressure. Bioflavonoids plays a major role in helping to lower high blood pressure that could threaten the quality of your health.

6. Bone A More Healthy And Strong. Calcium content of eggplant can reinforce and maintain the strength of the joints and bones.

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Water saving When the Dry Season


To prevent water shortages worsened, its use must be handled properly. Here are some ways to reduce consumption, and waste water:

1. Use a low-flow showerhead

Many people misunderstand that the showerhead with a low flow due to the poor water pressure. Actually, this is precisely the water-saving showerheads utilize air to provide showering experience that is similar to a regular shower.

So no need to worry, low-flow shower not only saves money but also reduces water consumption.

2. Turn off the tap

Turn off the water while brushing your teeth may seem trivial. But, did you know that doing this could save up to 25 gallons of water per month? In addition, a leaking faucet can throw water in vain up to 350 gallons per year.

3. Use water back

When washing fruits and vegetables, use of water in the pot or bowl. By doing so, the water collected is used for rinsing, can be easily reused for watering plants.

4. Use the "point of use" water heater

This small heaters provide hot water instantly without having to waste water while waiting warm. While the hot water demand is large enough, the water heater is too small and does not require a large space for storage.

5. Use the machine and pressure hoses for washing cars

Get rid of your old garden hose and use the machine and pressure hoses (pressure washer) to the car wash to clean. This machine not only saves up to 80 percent of water use, but also saves a lot of time.

After the Smartphone, Snapdragon Will "Fly" Drone


By centralizing various functions in one package, crafted by Qualcomm's Snapdragon chip is believed to reduce the selling price of drones.

Qualcomm intends to explore new business. Once in the world of smartphones and tablets, the chip maker is planning to join the drone industry.

However, US companies do not think this is going to produce its own drones. Just like its business over the years, Qualcomm chip will sell its products for use in devices belonging to other manufacturers.

At the beginning of the business, Qualcomm will be offered one of the flagship chip, Snapdragon 800. The chip is said to have been sufficiently reliably perform various functions, such as photography, navigation, and communications.

Typically, a drone device requires different chips to deal with each of these functions.

"The Snapdragon 800 actually can do all that," said Senior VP of Qualcomm's Raj Talluri.

By compressing the various chips in a single chip, Qualcomm believes can cut the price of existing drones. For your information, the drones with photographic capabilities typically priced starting from 500 US dollars, or approximately USD 6.9 million.

"We should have been able to lower the price significantly drone" said Talluri.

Qualcomm plans to introduce drones business in detail in the next month or September. Qualcomm has already started meeting with other vendors to market the chip.

Balotelli promise of Penance if Back to Milan

BaloMario Balotelli promises to not disappoint AC Milan.

He claims to have more mature after becoming a father and adoptive father died event in July 2015. Liverpool and Milan are reported to have agreed a move Balotelli on loan. 25-year-old is scheduled to undergo a medical test at the headquarters of the Rossoneri, Milan's decision to invite doubt.

Because, Balotelli often bring controversy through his actions off the field. On the basis of that, Balotelli enthusiasts in the summer transfer window in 2015.

"I've changed. Experience as a good father to me. I also never felt the loss of a father. I'm not going to disappoint you," said Balotelli.

However, Mlan CEO, Adriano Galliani, indirect trust Balotelli promise. 71-year-old man an ultimatum.

"He got a last chance," he said.

On the other hand, the return of Balotelli's plan was greeted positively by his former boss at Inter Milan and Manchester City, Roberto Mancini. Mancini returned handle Nerazzurri, pleased to be met Balotelli in the derby party.

4 Objects Mandatory taken when traveling "Packing"


1. Equipment anti dehydration

This equipment is not as complicated as imagined. Susceptible to dehydration occurs even when you are in a plane, especially if you do a long-distance flights. Simply bring a bottle of drinking water refill. In many countries such as in Europe and the United States, there are lots of public places to recharge the water for free. Take advantage of the places fill this drinking water.

2. The battery charger cord

Mobile phones, cameras, and tablets are some of the equipment that can accompany while traveling. If you run out of battery power, then the equipment is so useless. Do not forget to bring the battery charger cable, better bring a portable battery charger.

3. Cash and cards

Bring cash in your pocket and your wallet. Bring also credit cards but not more than two cards, to avoid if your wallet is lost.

If you travel to another country, a time to go to the bank and grab some money in the local currency of the country you want to go. That way, you do not have to bother looking for local money when it arrives.

4. Documents

If you have documents in digital form, try printing to anticipate the data storage device is dead. Eg boarding passes are usually stored in the phone.
If traveling abroad, do not forget to photocopy passports for backup. Tips, paspor three pieces. Photocopy of passport first to save in the bag, the second could you love to a companion, while the third gave to relatives at home.

Take also the additional photos for a passport. The photo was useful when taking care of lost passport at the embassy.

5 Reasons You Should Cycling


1. healthy heart
It is undeniable that the heart-healthy cycling. There have been many studies that prove this. With cycling, the cardiovascular system will be more fit. There is research showing that physical activity outdoors such as cycling can improve cardiovascular fitness around 3-7 percent.
2. Strengthening the muscles
Routine cycling both to improve the strength of leg muscles, hips, thighs, and the knees. As a result, you can not easily get injured. Cycling is also a good exercise to do for those who have arthritis in the lower limbs.
3. Weight control
Cycling regularly can control your weight or prevent obesity. Some studies show that cycling is a constant for 1 hour can burn about 300 calories.As we all know, obesity is one of the most dangerous health problems today. Overweight or become obese can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, until a stroke.

4. Improving coordination
Cycling is a physical activity that involves all parts of the body, thus improving body coordination skills. When cycling there is coordination between the eyes to toe.Cycling activity can also improve brain function, ranging from planning, memory, until synchronization.

5. Mental health
Not only physical health is obtained, but also mentally. Cycling is believed to reduce stress and depression. When cycling, your body releases hormones serotonin and dopamine simultaneously endorphins. These hormones make your mood for the better.

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What's Behind the free WhatsApp?


Beginning in 2014, the company WhatsApp instant messaging service provider acquired by Facebook with a fantastic value: 19 billion dollars or about Rp 223 trillion.

In addition to making the owners and employees flooded money -CEO WhatsApp, Jan Koum, supposedly got a "quota" of 6.8 billion US- when many are questioning the motives Facebook annexed WhatsApp.

The social networking giant is suspected of wanting to master database WhatsApp users at the time of the acquisition announcement has reached hundreds of millions.

WhatsApp user base is like a treasure chest for Facebook, companies are largely derived from advertising revenues.

Imagine the money that is going into the Facebook account that the company could, for example, channel promotion of clients to each phone number that the identity of the users WhatsApp.

After all, the concern was immediately rebuffed by the WhatsApp.

Through an official statement, Jan Koum stated WhatsApp will remain keukeuh with the old business model, which levy an annual fee of 1 US dollar after the customer through the life of a free for a year.

"There will not be any changes for our users," said Koum when it is in the company's official blog.

"WhatsApp will continue to operate independently. You will still be able to use it for a fee, "he added. Then, most importantly, "you can be sure that there will be no annoying ads."

For almost two years after the acquisition of Facebook, WhatsApp uphold his promise and deliver a consistent experience and "clean" for the user.

There was no advertising, games, stickers, sales channels, or all sorts of other things that commonly bothering users similar services outside WhatsApp.

Beyond the additional features such as voice calls and access from the desktop, instant messaging services that started its life as a status update is arguably faithful to the old form.

Even though the revenue lines of WhatsApp that used to only come from annual fees.

But now there has been a change. On January 18, 2016, WhatsApp announced will revoke usage fee of US $ 1 per year. That is, the service is completely free.

The policy has come into effect shortly thereafter, on January 20, 2016, when the user notices that greeted WhatsApp instant messaging application that can be used free of charge "for life".

Money from where?

By cutting annual fee, WhatsApp losing the only source of income. Then from where these companies will get the money?

Again, Koum dismissed concerns that it would do something that could potentially interfere with the user's convenience.

"People may ask how we run WhatsApp without charging subscriptions, or worry that this announcement will mark the presence of third-party ads," Koum wrote in a blog post.

"The answer is there will be no advertising."

Instead of lost revenue, WhatsApp states would explore the likelihood of offering a number of paid services for corporate users.

This service will be used by business entities to communicate with their customers without having to pay extra costs.

Koum exemplifies verfifikasi communication in the process of transaction between the consumer and the bank, then it could be delayed notification from the airline to the passengers.

"All messages are now delivered through other channels, namely through telephone and SMS. We wanted to test a variety of new tools to make this easier to do through WhatsApp, "said Koum. It remains unclear what it will be business services in question.

Why WhatsApp change the business model that had worked on the corporate segment targeting consumers so?

Company founded in 2009 is apparently feels that withdrawal of the subscription fee as being operated for years less reliable to fill the company's cash.

The reason, according to Koum, is the amount of WhatsApp users who do not have a credit or debit card to pay a subscription fee.

As a result, WhatsApp user base has now reached the range of 990 million, has doubled since the acquisition by Facebook- could not be utilized optimally. Until then it was decided to remove the charge altogether.

When speaking at the Digital Life Design Conference in Munich, Germany, earlier this week, Koum explained that WhatsApp try to apply the business model of "commercial-participation", a form of evolution model "freemium" in which only certain users are subject to a service fee.

In this case, it is the corporate users who are willing to pay more for premium features or a larger volume.

Facebook's own party as the owner WhatsApp does not implement the "deadline" for certain chat services are to begin large revenue gain.

Thus, according to Koum, WhatsApp users can focus on boosting growth without fear of losing customers who can not pay, while at the same time try their luck in the new realm.

The worst security

Step WhatsApp entered the corporate segment caused little concern about the security of sensitive information that is being circulated in this field. Moreover, WhatsApp arguably not have qualified reputation in the field of data security.

On the contrary, the company is often affected by security issues.

For example, recently, in September 2015, came the news that the web version of WhatsApp client (desktop) has a dangerous gap that could be exploited to install malware on the user's computer.

Earlier, around the middle of last year, WhatsApp crowned the worst technology company in terms of safeguards user privacy by The Electronic Fountier Foundation (EFF).

WhatsApp is considered not to apply the best practices in the technology industry safety standards. WhatsApp succession is seen as less transparent in addressing issues related to privacy, for example, the elimination of certain content that is encouraged by the government and policies related to user data storage.
Problem is, WhatsApp states that every message sent through its service is protected by encryption. WhatsApp users also do not store messages on the server hers, with the exception of unsent messages will be stored on servers with a maximum time of 30 days before being deleted.

But the steps above do not guarantee one hundred percent that the user information stored and sent via WhatsApp would not spy by the other party.

EFF reports underscore the absence of policies that regulate the procedure of data submission to authorities such as the government of a country in WhatsApp policy. WhatsApp user data, for example, could be asked without requiring a court order. The user was not notified when there is a request data from a particular party.

Moreover, the parent company of WhatsApp, Facebook, is known to have a history comply with user data requests by the authorities.

Data security affairs alone is like a sword of two gems. The one hand, the authority of a country in need of information to keep track of things like security related terrorist networks are often actively communicate in social media, behind the shield of encryption and privacy protection.

On the other hand, WhatsApp security must protect sensitive information stored and circulated through the service, which could be broken and used for other purposes by certain parties, such as hackers.

WhatsApp as the largest instant messaging service providers must often be used to exchange critical information by nearly a billion users.

Before the banking and airline joined in though, WhatsApp chat is commonly used by government administrators key figures, including possibly in Indonesia.

WhatsApp user base following their data are very large numbers would probably be a perennial magnet that will always invite fears are exploited, whether by a hacker, authority, or advertisers.

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Suffer Child Labour in Mines Raw Smartphone


More than 40,000 children in the Democratic Republic of Congo must assume for kilometers cobalt mining products every day. The work was carried out 12 hours a day to pay a maximum of 2 US dollars or equivalent to Rp 27,000.

One of them is 14 years old orphan named Paul. It has been two years he worked in the mines cobalt. Since then, he regularly sick because of the workload that is not human.

"I can work 24 hours a day. Come early and go home the next morning. Foster mother I want my school. But my father forced me to work in the mines," he said, as indicated on the official website of the institution rights activists Amnesty USA, and collected ColekcolekTekno, Wednesday (01/20/2016).

Exploitation of children become commonplace in Congo. Primarily in cobalt mining industries. The countries in Central Africa is known as the world's largest cobalt producer.

Cobalt for batteries smartphone

Cobalt is used as raw material for lithium batteries on smartphones that we use everyday. Some seasoned vendors such as Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft, indicated using lithium cobalt results of exploitation of children in Congo.

This was revealed by Amnesty International and the research team Afrewatch. They interviewed 87 miners from five cobalt mining industry in Konga.

They also interviewed 18 traders cobalt taking resources from the five mines. One of the biggest is Huayou Cobalt.

Huayou Cobalt to three companies supplying lithium battery components. Each one is Ningbo Shanshan and Tianjin bamo of China, as well as L & F Materials from South Korea.

In 2013 then, the three companies are buying more than 90 million US dollars or equivalent to Rp 1.2 trillion from Huayou Cobalt.

Inequality welfare

Then, what about smartphone vendors who enjoy the final process of cobalt? their profits each reach tens of billions of dollars per year.

Far from the maximum wage 2 dollars received by children in the Congo. A year only, at best they scooped 712 US dollars or equivalent to Rp 9.9 million.

Inequality between the welfare of children in Konga with smartphone vendors sparked Amnesty International criticized the processes that occur during this time.

"Industrial mining is the worst work place for children, given the danger posed health and safety," said the research team of Amnesty International Mark Dummet.

"Companies with a total profit of 125 billion US dollars could not claim they were not able to check where the components of their products come from," he added.

There are at least 16 Dummet technology company in question, namely Ahong, Apple, BYD, Daimler, Dell, HP, Huawei, Inventec, Lenovo, LG, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, Vodafone, Volkswagen and ZTE.

Through diplomacy, Amnesty International and Afrewatch asked the government to impose regulations binding. Starting from the rows of the mining industry, suppliers, to manufacturers of smartphones.

"Without a law that requires companies to check the source of the components, they will continue to take advantage of the suppression of human rights. Governments must act," said Dummet.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Aurora Outside Solar System for the First Time

This is the first time we confirm that we see auroras in brown dwarfs, "said Stuart Littlefair, astronomers from the University of Sheffield, UK.

Aurora is detected in an object called LSR J1835 was more red and a million times brighter than auroras on Earth.

Astronomers do not know exactly how the aurora is formed. What is clear, the occurrence of aurora that could not be the same as on Earth.

Littlefair said, there's no Sun-like stars around LSR J1835 that the aurora is not possible due to shipment energy particles that interact with the atmosphere.

The charged particles then interact with hydrogen in the atmosphere of brown dwarfs to produce a red color.

Alternatively, there is a planet or moon around LSR J1835 that have not been detected. Planet or moon that sends material to a brown dwarf, triggering the formation of the aurora.

In Jupiter, a number of aurora is formed in that way. Charged particles sent from the active volcano on Io, one of Jupiter's moons.

Brown dwarfs are objects that are too small to be a star, but also too big to be planets.

Astronomers already knew that the brown dwarf has clouds and atmosphere. This aurora findings reveal another secret of brown dwarfs.

Northern white rhinoceros Dead, Left 4 in the World

Nabire, the 31-year-old female, died at Zoo Dvur Kralove, Czech Republic, on Monday (07/27/2015) night.

With the death of the now only three females and one male tail northern white rhinos left in the world.

One tails live in the San Diego Zoo, the US, and three tails at Ol Pejeta conservation in Kenya.

This subspecies in the process of extinction for several years because of hunting and loss of habitat.

"Pathological cysts in the body Nabire so great. There is no way to solve it," said Ji? Í Hruby, the curator of rhinoceros in the zoo.

IVF method

Nabire born at Zoo Republic and is one of the rhino that is expected to maintain the continuity of these animals.

He suffered from cysts on reproduction, but conservation experts has long hoped to develop an egg from the left ovary are still healthy by using IVF or IVF.

This has been done while still alive Nabire. After his death, Nabire ovaries removed and taken to a specialized laboratory in Italy.

If it is possible, now require IVF embryo implantation northern white rhino at the southern white rhino closely connected and more numerous.

In 2009, four rhinos were moved from Dvur Kralove Zoo to Kenya with the hope of the natural environment there will help the breeding, but this initiative did not produce a new rhino births.

10 New Processor for Gamers


GPU in question is the Intel Graphics Iris Pro 6200 offers a powerful performance for gaming, despite its speed can not be compared with the external graphics card. A total of 9 out of 10 models of Intel's new processor using this GPU.

Intel claims that the Iris Pro Graphics 6200 on the new processor models are included in the family "Broadwell" though it offers graphics performance up to two times faster than the Intel HD Graphics 4600 GPU on previous generation processors.

Based on the written statement received by Kompas Tekno, Monday (03/06/2015), of 10 processor, 5 of them are models for laptops are intended for "gamers and creators on the way".

All 5 models of this laptop processors, sequentially from the bottom to the top models, the Core i5-5350H, i7-5700HQ Core, Core i7-5750HQ, i7-5850HQ Core, and Core i7-5950HQ.

Unless Core i5-5350H (2 cores, 4 threads), all models have 4 CPU cores with 8 logical thread. 5 price range models with a TDP of 47 watt chip is between 289 dollars to 623 dollars.

As for the five other models intended for desktop computers, namely klins sequentially from the bottom up models teratas- i5-5575R Core, Core i5-5675R, Core i5-5675C, i7-5775R Core, and Core i7-5775C.

To-5 desktop model has four CPU cores, but only i7-5775R Core, and Core i7-5775C that provides eight logical thread. One model, the Core i7-5700HQ, do not use the Iris Pro Graphics 6200 GPU, but the HD Graphics 5600. The five desktop chips with a TDP of 65 watts is sold from 244 dollars to 366 dollars.

The presence of desktop processors models are also marking the presence of Iris Pro GPU Graphics 6200 integrated in the chip package LGA (land grid array) that can be changed. Previously, the GPU is concerned only available in processors with packaging BGA (ball grid array) are soldered directly to the motherboard.

WhatsApp Newest Version More Efficient to Call


WhatsApp messenger application range of new features. One of the interesting, there will be no option to save data when making voice calls via WhatsApp. How to?

WhatsApp incorporate two new features in the Settings. One is the "low usage of data".

When the part is selected, the system will automatically reduce the use of data when using WhatsApp Call feature. Obviously, this new feature will be very helpful if the quota of data packets thinning or quality of the network is bad.

Some sites claim the technology has been tried this new feature. The result, say the sound quality is still quite good. Loss of voice quality is certainly the case, though not too significant.

In addition, it appears there is a feature that allows users to backup or store the conversation in Google Drive application. This feature alone actually had attended a few months ago, but was eliminated by the WhatsApp.

Unclear, whether this feature will remain present in the latest version WhatsApp or not.

One other new feature called the "Mark As Unread". Press and hold a message, will display the feature selection. When the feature is used, the text color will change to green, indicating that the message has not been read.

This feature will be useful for those who want to mark or as a reminder of an important message that will be read back in the future.

There is also a new notification feature. Users can set a different ringtone for each person and group. Not only that, users can set the notification light of different colors for notifications every incoming message.

That means users can set different notification sounds for each person. Users will also be able to use the "mute" to not provide notification whenever there is a message from a particular person.

Notification feature itself would later be found on the details page of one person or group. To open the detail page, press and hold the desired person or group, then select "View Contact".

Until this news is raised, the latest version of WhatsApp still not present in the Google Play Store.

New Heaven Bone Bay-East Sulawesi

KOLUT, a name that may be unfamiliar to the public country. The name is actually an abbreviation of an autonomous region in Southeast Sulawesi, namely North Kolaka. Still do not know? It's okay, but we can not forget the names of legendary figures who had never worn in memory of those who dwell on the island of Sulawesi, even se Antero archipelago. He is Muzakkar Kahar, a figure which is known as a founder of DI / TII part of Kartosuwiryo leadership in Java.

In the literature kesejaharahan, Kahar Muzakkar known as a rebel in the history of the leadership of President Sukarno, but in the eyes of the people of Sulawesi, particularly in South and Southeast Sulawesi peninsula, Kahar Muzakar is sorely in idiolakan figure, and always figured as being 'great hero' for Bugis people, especially those who dwell in Luwu Raya (Sulawesi) and North Kolaka (Kolut).

So much for the amount of attention people Kolut to figure Muzakkar Kahar, often heard rejection if Kahar Muzakkar called deceased, let alone shot dead by bullets Eli Sadeli, soldiers of the troops Siliwangi. For them, Kahar is a real human. Brave, religious leaders, human immune, and has many followers. In the past, the people who dwell in Kolut feel very proud of being called as followers Kahar than part of the Republic. So much love for the Kolut against this figure.

Why Kolut or North Kolaka? This region is in the oral tradition as a region and bases Kahar struggle. In the modern era, with its capital Lasusua Kolut District, is a region located in the 'base of the foot "island of Sulawesi, which becomes a barrier region three provinces, namely South Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi and Central Sulawesi. His pass, Kolut dealing directly with Bone Bay on the north, and an expansion area Kolaka in 2004. It is then that the background of this district called North Kolaka, or more 'comfortable' with its trend abbreviation 'Kolut'. Concise, practical, and easy to remember.

Lasusua, Venice at night
The age of the new district entered its 11th year, Kolut with Lasusua capital was transformed into a modern city, which actually compete with other old towns in Southeast Sulawesi, such as Kendari city that became capital of the province and the City Baubau on Buton Island. The success came after performing a cold-handed leader who became his regent, Rusda Mahmud. This latter figure is touted as a leader without imaging. Why is it like that? Rusda Mahmud said in a statement, the head of the local duty work, not just talk.

Rusda Mahmud intellect is not the character of the region, he even named as an adventurer who likes to pass the area of ​​the island of Java to Timor Leste. Build character may be formed from the current life journey. This then within seven years of his leadership today, juggling Rusda Lasusua as a modern city with a minimalist berarsitek infrastructure. Not only that, seascape, Gulf of Bone who became the face of Lasusua City, reminds many visitors to the city is calling Lasusua metropolitan tub at night. Perhaps hyperbole, but the reality does indicate so. The city is sparkling at night especially along pantainya.mengingatkan the city of Venice in Italy. Enjoy this city with banisters beach, breeze, painting landscapes such as mountain valleys and beaches, as well as visitors boisterous beach café, drove our thinking nature of the films titled romance. So Romantic.