Thursday, February 25, 2016

Russian Pulled Back Troops from Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday (3/14/2016), announced its withdrawal from Syria because it has reached the set goals.

The withdrawal of Russian troops will be starting on Tuesday (03/15/2016). Similarly, Russian news agencies reported, Sputnik News.

"I think the defense ministry and the armed forces in general has been reached, so I ordered the defense ministry to start withdrawing our military faction of the main groups of the Syrian Arab Republic," Putin said.

Russia started air strikes in September to support the Syrian regime in the civil war that has now lasted five years.

Putin plans to discuss its withdrawal with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by telephone.

"Both leaders noted that the operations held by the Russian Air Force has been given to change the course of the war against terrorists in Syria, destroying their infrastructure and generate substantial destruction," the Kremlin statement said.

Meanwhile, Assad noted, the Russian military personnel have the professionalism, courage and extraordinary heroism in carrying out their duties in Syria.

"Assad expressed his sincere gratitude to the Russians who have provided substantial assistance in the fight against terrorism and provide humanitarian aid to civilians," added the Kremlin.

On the same day, President Putin also discussed plans for the withdrawal of its forces in Syria with US President Barack Obama.