Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Launched yet, SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 Already Tested in Indonesia?


JAKARTA, Samsung's Duo mysterious phone appears on the test page DGPT. Allegedly, the two devices is none other than the Samsung's latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7.

Based on the observation ColekcolekTekno, Monday (01/18/2016), two variants are seen at the site of the Directorate General of Post-G930FD is SM and SM-G935FD.

GSM Arena website suspect that both devices as Galaxy S7. The assumption is made based on the model name similarity with the previous Galaxy S series, the S6.

Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge is found using the model number G920 and G925, not much different smartphone models that exist in today's DG Postel.

Meanwhile, the letter "F" in the existing models in the DGPT probably indicates that both the use of SoC devices made by Samsung itself, namely Exynos.

Meanwhile, both the current SM-SM-930FD and 935FD has entered into status "SP2 Process Certificate" as of December 31, 2015 last.

According to the observations KompasTekno, there is only one country duo Samsung Galaxy S7 manufacturers, namely Indonesia.

Samsung itself is already a lot of moving production processes smartphone to Indonesia, especially models equipped with 4G LTE connectivity.

Samsung's move according to plan rules about the level of domestic content (DCL), which will take effect on January 1, 2017. One well-known device known to have been produced in Indonesia is the Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S7 allegedly mematrikan features "3D Touch" duet like iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The phone is also rumored comes in four variants at once: a standard version of the Galaxy S7, S7 Plus Galaxy, Galaxy S7 Edge, and Edge Galaxy S7 Plus.

Another leak revealed the Samsung plant two different types of chipsets on Galaxy S7. Both are Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and made by Samsung's own Exynos 8890.

New processors Intel Just Can Use Windows 10


the latest generation of Intel processors will only be able to use the operating system Windows 10. This is a result of a change in Microsoft policy against his older operating systems, namely Windows 7 and 8.

Microsoft is not going to waste the sweat to make the new device works using the old operating system. There will be no updates and it could be, Windows 7 and 8 will not work at all.

"As the walk, there will be a new generation of processors and they need the latest Windows platform as well as the most suitable to support it," wrote the software giant as quoted ColekcolekTekno on its official blog on Monday (18/01/2016).

In addition to Intel, processors made by AMD and Qualcomm will follow the "rules" of Microsoft's new.

It should be noted, this does not mean Windows 7 and 8 has not received an update at all. Microsoft still keep its promise to continuously update the system until January 14, 2020 and January 10, 2023.

Only Microsoft and his colleagues agreed that the old operating system is quite pinned on a computer with hardware as old.

As for the new generation of processors, such as Intel Kaby Lake, 8996 Qualcomm and AMD Bristol Ridge matched pairs only with Windows 10.

Intel Skylake, which was released late last year, has also been subject to the policy. Therefore Skylake-based computers that you buy can not use the old Windows.

However, Microsoft is providing relief to customers from the enterprise segment, which usually miss an update because it needs to ensure stability of their system.

The software giant will manage a series of list Skylake system, which still gets updated Windows 7 and 8.1. Note that this support is only valid until July 17, 2017.

Lumia 650 Lumia Smartphone Will Be the Last?


Microsoft reportedly will soon release a new smartphone, the Lumia 650. Interestingly, he crowded predicted would be the first and last Lumia devices from Microsoft in 2016.

As summarized ColekcolekTekno of PhoneArena, Monday (01/18/2016) Microsoft allegedly will no longer release a smartphone under the name "Lumia", at least until 2016 ends.

In fact, there is mention, Microsoft will no longer release after the Lumia 650. Lumia smartphone software giant called will switch to the new brand, the Surface Phone.

The name "Surface" is a known brand that is widely used for computer convertible tablet devices and Microsoft.

Premium affordable

The Lumia 650 will become a business smartphone at an affordable price. This product carries a premium design with metal wrapped body.

However, in order to maintain the price, Lumia 650 seems to only be equipped with a specification that is not too powerful,

Jeroannya list, according to reports circulating, 212 buatann Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, 1 GB RAM, storage capacity of 8 GB micro-SD card slot, and a 5-inch screen (1.280x720)
Other specifications include include a 5-inch screen with a resolution support of 1280 x 720 pixels.
He was, as ColekcolekTekno summarized from Phone Arena, Monday (01/18/2016), is said to have

Like the Lumia 950 and 550 series which had already been introduced, the Lumia 650 will run the operating system Windows 10. A recent report states that the Lumia 650 will be officially introduced on 1 February 2016.

Wikipedia took Rp 1.4 trillion in order to Continued Online


Wikipedia often a referral sites to seek information about a lot of things. However, the free encyclopedia site is currently dying due to lack of funding.

Wikimedia, the organization that houses Wikipedia, recently made a fundraising campaign to coincide with the anniversary moment Wikipedia 15th in 2016's.

ColekcolekTekno quoted from Engadget, Monday (01/18/2016), Wikipedia aims to obtain funds of 100 million US dollars (approximately US $ 1.4 trillion) in the next 10 years, or at least 10 million US dollars per year.

The funds are used to make the information provider's site could still online.

Part of the funds will also be used to expand into the mobile realm, as it has begun Wikipedia team today, as well as add video content in it.

Wikimedia took Tides Foundation in fund-raising program. Tides Foundation itself has a 40 year track record in managing funds donated to many organizations, non-profit.

Wikipedia currently has claimed around 35 million articles in various languages, and is used by over a million people worldwide.

"The site is to be the only donation site the most visited on the internet, your help is needed," wrote Wikimedia fundraising site.

Google and Lenovo Expand the Mobile Project Tango


Lenovo and Google officially announced the cooperation in the development of smartphones that will be equipped with Tango Project.

What exactly is the Tango Project? He is a mapping project room that is independently developed by Google. A device with a technology that can be used to capture images of three-dimensional (3D) of space scanned by the sensor.

3D features in this tablet is useful for mapping project rooms and other visual work, or even at a later date could be useful in the gaming industry.

As ColekcolekTekno summarized from Ubergizmo, Friday (08/01/2016), this technology would be very useful for those who want to design the furniture of the room and know what works before purchase.

Not yet known as to what this device will be. Both Lenovo and Google is still so much to reveal information about this device.

Several possibilities, the results will be released berbentang allegedly homemade 6.5 inches. The screen size is less common, given that most smartphones are rarely has a 6 inch screen above.

Alternatively, the smartphone's official name is not known to be equipped cengan chipset made by Qualcomm.

Neither the price nor the release date of this device is still mysterious. However, both companies are targeting completion of the device in mid-2016 with the tag of under 500 dollars, or about $ 7 million.

Lenovo PC industry Sure Not Dead


LAS VEGAS, Although the trend of smartphones and tablets continues to climb, the PC market (desktop and laptop) is still not dead. At least, according to Lenovo, there was a chance for them to increase market share in the segment.

Globally, PC shipments to the rest of the world in 2015 and then it can be said to fall. IDC, in its report last October noted that PC shipments in the third quarter of 2015 were 71 million units, representing a decrease of 10.8 percent year on year.

For Lenovo itself, the benefits of the PC this year fell 14 percent. In the period of 2015/2016 they note PCs accounted for 70 percent of the total acquisition of the company, whereas 84 percent the previous year.

But Lenovo did not give up in this segment. The company now has 21 percent market share of PCs around the world, the target could be increased to 30 percent.

"Twenty-one percent share is the highest value for the players in this industry. We are number one in the Asia Pacific region and still plenty of room growth," said Chief Operation Officer of Lenovo Asia Pacific, Amar Babu in the event Lenovo at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2016, Las Vegas, USA, on Wednesday (06/01/2016).

"We will not stop. The target we wanted to drive PC market share to 30 percent. Therefore, you will see a lot of new product lines," he added.

In the grand feast of the technology world, Lenovo also showcased a number of the latest PC hardware ranging from laptops to desktops.

One of the underdog is a family ThinkPad X, in which there are two types of laptops that X1 and X1 Carbon Yoga.

Carbon X1 screen can be bent up to 180 degrees straight, while the X1 Yoga can be rotated up to 360 degrees. They both have a light weight, screen size of 14 inches and an Intel Core i7 vPro.

There was also a mini desktop IdeaCentre 610S. The shape of the mini size CPU with a projector attached to the top.

"Many say the PC sales decline, but we do not experience it. We're still number one in terms of PC sales," he added. Director of Worldwide Product Marketing, Lenovo Group Commercial, Steve Gilbert, pointing ThinkPad X1 Carbon on ColekcolekTekno.

The worst decline in PC Record


Gartner and IDC, two analysts institutions of the world, agreed that the level of computer equipment alias PC shipments globally continues to decline.

In fact, IDC to mention that the rate of PC shipments decreased year-on-year in 2015 the largest.

According to Gartner, global PC shipments in the fourth quarter of 2015 only reached 75.7 million units, down 8.3 percent from the same quarter the previous year.

Meanwhile, the different methods of analysis, IDC noted that the rate of decline year-on-year is slightly larger than Gartner. IDC said PC shipments decline to number 71.9 million units, or about 10.6 percent, compared to the same period in 2014.

Both institutions analyst noted that 2015 as the worst year for the PC market. For the first time since 2008, the rate of PC shipments fell below 300 million units.

Gartner noted that PC shipments in 2015 only reached 288.7 million units, down from 313.6 million units in 2014. IDC did not give the exact figure of the number of annual shipments, but said that number was below 300 million units.

Because smartphones and tablets

Still the same as previous years, both IDC and Gartner concluded that smartphones and tablets have become one of the causes of the decline in PC shipments. Consumers prefer to buy both types of devices rather than PCs.

Wearable devices, such as smart watches and health monitoring tool, also attracted the attention of consumers, especially during the holidays.

"Laptops are no longer a desired gift during the holidays. At the same time, consumers switch to other electronic devices, such as TVs and wearable," said Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner, as ColekcolekTekno summarized from Cnet, on Wednesday (13/1 / 2016).

In addition, IDC also blamed the economic recession which occurred in 2015 and as one of the causes of this decline in PC shipments.

PC shipment figures in 2015 did not show signs of improvement from the previous. However, both Gartner and IDC remains optimistic the PC industry will revive again in 2016. Windows 10 is believed to attract consumers to purchase a PC.

"We continue to believe that the majority of users will buy another PC, motivated new products and prices more attractive. Adoption commercially from Windows 10 is expected to accelerate, and the level of consumer purchasing should be more stable in the second half of 2016," wrote IDC.