Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Here's How To Kids Can Be "Safe" Watch Netflix


Some movies and TV series available on Netflix exist that contain scenes that can only be consumed by adults, not children.

To that end users are given the Parental Controls feature in each account dibikinnya.

Each account is made in Netflix can set limits what contents could be accessed, based on the level of maturity.

Here's how ntuk regulate access Netflix content based on the level of maturity:

Open Menu Manage Profiles on each account. The menu is available via the drop down menu once the mouse is directed into an existing user account icon in the upper right corner. After selecting Manage Profiles, a new page that displays user profiles will appear. Select the one you want to edit access restrictions. If the profile is not there, it can be added through the Add Profile. Edited in the Profile page, next to the profile name provided checkbox "Kids". Tick ??if the profile will be used for an audience of children.
Under the profile name of the menu there is also a level of maturity profile, the user can choose to access to children, adolescents, and adults (all levels of maturity).

Setekah it, click "Save" in the bottom row.

To see the rating system that made Netflix, visit the link below.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

When Children Ask meaning of "terrorism"


In the virtual world and the mass media, the horror of the terror attacks spread without censorship. Not only adults, children do not understand, too exposed to acts of terrorism such information.

After hours of live broadcasts impressions witnessed bombings in Sarinah Thamrin area of ??Jakarta on television, perhaps many small children are familiar with the word "terrorism".

Not just news about terrorism, news of the crime such as homicide or robbery are also frequently watched children from the television screen or the mass media.

"My nephew who was only 4 years old so often ask what the terrorists. Earlier also he wanted to know the meaning of the robber, rapist or murderer," said Indah, a journalist.

Explaining crime news to early childhood is not easy. They generally only guess what happened.

However according to a forensic psychologist Nathanael EJ Sumampouw M.Psi, adults do not need to give a lengthy explanation and no need to cover up the real events.

Nael suggested, before giving an answer to the question of children, dug out through dialogue with the child to determine the extent of the child's understanding of events.

"For example, if he asked the meaning of terrorists or rapists, dig information about what he knew. Then ask if he thought the perpetrator was a good guy or bad, like if he was friends with people like that, and so on," said psychologist who is usually called Nael The discussions held in the Forum Chat Bareng Friends (Ngobras) in Jakarta (19.01.16).

Do not also give false hope to the children. "It should be emphasized to parents not to give false hope that everything will be fine. Give honest explanation but in language that is easy to understand children, "said Nael.

After that, to say also that in this world there are good people, for example, there is the father of the police whose job cripple terrorists and maintain security, or there is also a doctor who helped the injured.

"So there is a sad story, but also to say there is a good story about the heroes in our environment," he said.

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Friday, September 11, 2015

This "captain" New GrabTaxi Indonesia


GrabTaxi Indonesia had a "master" new. Transportation companies booking application has been appointed as Managing Director Ridzki Kramadibrata GrabTaxi Indonesia.

Serving as a leader company in Indonesia, will lead the charge Ridzki GrabTaxi expansion in Indonesia and overseeing local programs for all stakeholders.

"We believe that under the leadership of Mr. Ridzki, we will be able to reach a higher level," said Anthony Tan, CEO and Co-Founder GrabTaxi.

Ridzki not a new name in the transportation business. Previously, he has led the operationalization of AirAsia Indonesia as COO, and the last position in the AirAsia Group's Regional Director.

Prior to joining AirAsia, Ridzki spent most of his career in the world of telecommunications, one of which served as EVP of Marketing, Product, and CRM Bakrie Telecom.

Ridzki holds an MBA from the State University of New York, and earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Padjadjaran, Bandung, in the field of management.

Since its founding in 2012, GrabTaxi applications have been downloaded over 10 million devices throughout Southeast Asia.

More than 185,000 drivers in GrabTaxi network, including all services under GrabTaxi applications, have been using these applications to accept reservations transportation services in Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia.

GrabTaxi application and all of its services are currently available in 28 cities in 6 countries of Southeast Asia.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Neighbors Zuckerberg Delish So what?


Got home beside the residence one of the richest men in the world was not pleasant. At least that's the impression neighbors Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The neighbors are now angry. They are upset and angry because of the security team guarding Zuckerberg often park their cars illegally.

Facebook boss region of residence, who is housing around Dolores Park, San Francisco, did not have many parking spaces on the roadside.

Thus, the people who live there feel that parking space is precious. And the actions of the security team Zuckerberg park two cars with haphazard considered very disturbing comfort.

I was so angry, some neighbors making a letter circulated to other neighbors. It contained a call for a compact report that Facebook boss to the Department of Transportation in San Francisco.

"I think we've been pretty patient and be friendly during the construction of the house Zuck. The atmosphere was noisy, lots of garbage, there is also blocking the road, and other similar matters," read the letter, as reported ColekcolekTekno of Mirror, Saturday (16 / 1/2016).

"Now all the 'circus' was finished, we were still given a problem with the existence of two SUV indiscriminate land filling best parking position here. In fact, everyone knows difficult to find a parking space around the edge of the road in Dolores Park," he added.

A letter containing the complaint was fitted with contact details Residential Security Manager Zuckerberg, Tim Wenzel, including e-mail addresses of their Facebook.

However, Facebook boss was unmoved. He considers his security team had acted appropriately.

"The vehicle belonged to the security team parked in accordance with local parking rules. However, we keep trying to be sensitive to the concerns and does not intend to bother a lot of people," said a spokeswoman for Facebook's boss.

Post-terror, Kemenkominfo Radical Block Site


JAKARTA, Post-case terrorist bombings in the area around Sarinah, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Kemenkominfo) immediately blocked several social media accounts and 11 charged radical websites.

Social media is meant, among other things, a Facebook account in the name Muhammad Khalid Subkhan, Inghimasi Battalion, Mujahidah Euphrates, Jihadmedia01 Telegram account, as well as the Twitter account @ kdmedia16 andglobalkdi.

All these accounts are known to give my support to the bombings in Sarinah.

While 11 sites or blogs are blocked, as stated Head of Information and Public Relations Kemenkominfo Ismail Cawidu through its official statement on Saturday (16/01/2016), is:


In addition to the account and sites that have been mentioned, Kemenkominfo said also remove Facebook video uncharged radicals simultaneously blocking pengunggahnya account, namely Muhammad Bahrunnaim Anggih Tantomo.

Until the end of 2015, a total of 78 video radicalism Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) that has been successfully cleaned from the internet.

"To support the handling of the accounts of radicals that are still running on the internet, we expect the participation of the public by reporting on Kemenkominfo via e-mail," he concluded.