Tuesday, March 15, 2016

North Korea Threatens to Destroy Manhattan Using Hydrogen Bomb

The North Korean government threatened to destroy Manhattan, New York, using the hydrogen bomb. This threat KCNA news agency reported on Sunday (13/03/2016).

Hydrogen warheads, continued KCNA, will be installed on a ballistic missile is then fired into the United States.

"Our hydrogen bomb is greater than the USSR," the KCNA quoted as saying by The Washington Post.

"If this hydrogen bomb brought an intercontinental ballistic missile and crashed in Manhattan, all the people there will die, and the city would be leveled to the ground," says North Korea.

US Foreign Ministry officials acknowledge, North Korea's ballistic missile development has progressed. However, many experts are not convinced North Korean-made missile capable of reaching the US east coast.

Most scientists are also skeptical about the statement that North Korea claims to have had the hydrogen bomb.

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula is getting higher over the past few weeks after North Korea held a nuclear test, the fourth in January.

Then, despite international criticism, in February, North Korea launched a ballistic rocket.

A tense atmosphere more so after US troops and South Korea plus troops from Australia and New Zealand are involved in a joint military exercise that simulates a massive attack to the defense of the coast of North Korea.