Monday, December 21, 2015

60 Years Not Solved, Puzzle Largest about the impact of Solar Eclipse


Total solar eclipse can be seen from 12 provinces in Indonesia on March 9, 2016 could be an opportunity to solve one of the biggest puzzles in science. Puzzle unsolved for 60 years was associated anomalies pendulum motion when a total solar eclipse.

Emerging puzzle originated from the French scientist Maurice Allais observed during a solar eclipse June 30, 1954. Nobel Economics in 1988 are also fond of astronomy would see the pendulum swing toward underwent major changes during an eclipse.

Under normal conditions, the direction of the swing of the pendulum turns clockwise at a speed of 0.19 degrees per minute. Change is actually reasonable because it is associated with the Earth's rotation. However, in the observations in 1954, Allais found that the direction of the swing of the pendulum turns 13.5 degrees and counter-clockwise.

Allais observed repeated on October 2, 1959 solar eclipse of Saint-Germain-en-Laye in France. He encountered the same phenomenon but can not explain why. Anomalies that can not be revealed the cause was later called Allais Effect.

Answer search

Outlined on the website National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), a number of scientists who study physics and astronomy moved outlines Allais Effect. They conducted an experiment to confirm the reset. Basically the question: Is the anomalies that were found are related Allais eclipse?

Scientists GT Jeverdan observe the motion of the pendulum during a solar eclipse on February 15, 1961 from Romania. He met, pendulum motion slowed down 1 per 2000 during an eclipse. However, the observation was published in the journal Jeverdan English.

EJ Saxl and M Allen tried to confirm Allais Effect by observing the motion of the torsion pendulum. When used Allais Foucault pendulum to move sideways, torsion pendulum moves up and down. The pendulum consists of a load suspended by a spring.

Saxl and Allen were observed at Harvard University in 1970 found that the time required to perform a torsional pendulum swing increases during eclipses. However, the experimental Finnish scientist named T. Kuusela at the solar eclipse July 22 1990 in contrast to the observations Saxl and Allen.

In 2009, eight gravimeter and two pendulums are used on the observation of the solar eclipse January 26, 2009 in China. One of the scientists confirmed anomalies as encountered Allais. However, the observation is not published in any scientific journal.

Scientists attempt to explain the anomaly encountered Allais. The general view, a solar eclipse will affect the earth's gravity and rotation. Allais Effect is evidence of the influence. However, there are other explanations.

Research T Van Flandern of Meta Research and XS The University of Wales Swansena in the UK, published in Physical Review in 2003 revealed that the anomalies that were found could be because eclipse Allais causes cooling in the upper atmosphere that affects the density and movement of air masses.

Efforts Bosscha

Head of the observatory, Mahasena Son, said that the observation Allais Effect is still continuing. "We still can not explain the exact cause," he said. "The moment of eclipse in Indonesia could be our chance to answer."

Mahasena said the observatory is currently developing a pendulum with the sensor. The device will be used to confirm Allais Effect. "If we come across, this would be an interesting research report," said Mahasena when found, Friday.

Team observatory will conduct field observations Kalora, Poso, Central Sulawesi. Together Universe Awareness (Unawe), Bosscha team will also disseminate astronomy and eclipse observations to the citizens. Poso itself is one of the areas in Indonesia will experience a total solar eclipse this year.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Netflix Will Block "Cheaters access" to its Services


Netflix will block the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access the movie streaming service.

It leveled VP of Content Delivery Architecture Netflix David Fullagar today, Friday (16/01/2015), via the official website of the online movie rental service.

VPN is a private connection that is accessible via the public network. VPN Netflix could fool the system by giving the IP address information "false" in accordance states that the user wants.

Proxy limited it allows users to access Netflix in a country even though the service has not expanded into the country.

Fullagar said it was time the VPN is blocked. Because, now Netflix is ??already present in 190 countries.

"If our content is available globally, there is no reason to use a proxy to trick users of our system," he said.

Cheating netizen trick VPN system with long-standing. But Netflix does not want to be careless with immediately block the proxies for services previously only available in 60 countries.

Earlier this year, Netflix to bring its services to 130 other countries, including Indonesia. Nevertheless, there are still reasons to keep using VPN.

VPN still need to be used because it is not uniform collection of films in each country. For example, Sleepless in Seattle, starring Meg Ryan is available in Indonesia, but not in the United States.

By using a VPN, customers can watch entire movies owned by Netflix.

Blocking VPN is scheduled to go into effect next few weeks. Along with that, Fullagar promised Netflix will continue to expand the scope of its services.

"We strive to provide our content to consumers wherever in order to enjoy Netflix without a proxy. That is our goal." he said.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Fear of "Left", Facebook Prepare New Browser


Social network Facebook testing new browser that is designed so that users do not leave the application when opening a link that is shared through Facebook.

The integrated browser (in-app browser) now has several new features making it more resembles an internet browser.

ColekcolekTekno quoted from The Next Web, Monday (01/18/2016), the old version of the browser only displays a link page, and open hyperlinks to other links.

Latest browser now lets users type in the URL yourself because there is the URL address at the top of the browser.

Thus, Facebook users can visit other internet pages without having to leave the Facebook application, for example, when trying to check details or any other supporting data of an article being read.

In addition, there is a back and forward button, the button bookmarks the page, and the Menu button at the bottom, in addition there is also information about the popularity of a post.

In addition to testing the new browser, Facebook also is trying Instant Articles which features news articles shared on Facebook can be displayed more quickly.

They both have one goal, that users remain at home staring at the screen up.

Not yet known whether Facebook will launch a separate application or not their browsers. Facebook is currently the focus is to improve the experience of using a browser.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

5 Causes Women Difficult Orgasm


"Women are often embarrassed or afraid to admit to their partner if he rarely gets an orgasm. In fact, not infrequently, they are too embarrassed to consult a doctor," said Dr. Alyssa Dweck, a gynecologist in New York and assistant clinical professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

According to Dweck, a woman's inability to orgasm can be caused by various factors. One of them is a matter of the heart that causes blood flow leading to the vulva or clitoris, is reduced. However this is a rare case. Other factors are more likely to occur that prevent orgasm in women are:

1. Hormonal disorders

Hormonal disorders can be caused by birth control pills. "Ovulation-preventing pills may alter levels of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone in your body," said Dweck.

This can affect libido or your ability to orgasm. Talk to your gynecologist about this to find alternative methods of birth control that is more appropriate.

Additionally, perimenopause, or the period leading up to menopause, can also cause hormonal shifts.

2. You do not get enough clitoral stimulation.

The clitoris is the real star of women's ability to achieve orgasm. "Approximately 70 percent of women orgasm through clitoral stimulation rather than because of the penetration of the penis into the vagina," says Dweck

To overcome this, Dweck advise you to try different positions that can provide extra stimulus, for example woman on top. Or you can ask the partner to help provide stimulation during foreplay until you reach orgasm after orgasm or almost immediately followed by the penetration.

3. Too much stimulation of the clitoris.

On the other hand, sometimes the most sensitive areas, it only needs a little stimulation. This is not surprising because, as Dweck notes, the clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings!

"There is a group of women who can not orgasm, because too much stimulation of the clitoris," says Dweck.

If this happens to you, Dweck recommends that you reduce rangsanganya partner at the time of warming and reduce the pressure when intimate relations take place.

4. You suffer from anxiety or depression.

Altogether there is nothing wrong with this. Everyone could experience it. One of the side effects of anxiety is the difficulty reaching orgasm, especially if you are taking medication.

"Chemical drugs neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine can affect sexual response and orgasm," says Dweck.

Try talking to your doctor about treatment that does not cause side effects sexual disorder. Most importantly, try not to feel embarrassed to discuss this with your doctor.

"Women should be able to enjoy sex and ask questions without feeling embarrassed," says Dweck.

5. Your Mind "wandering" to another place

"For women, a lot of sexual response starts from the brain," says Dweck.

Fortunately, the fix for this is not difficult. Focus on the pleasure given by the couple. Just like when you taste the food to see what seasoning is in a dish, the adaptation of such techniques when having sex with a partner will help you feel the pleasure that was supposed to feel in a romantic relationship.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

It's 10 Best Smartphone 2015 version AnTuTu


AnTuTu benchmark app lists the smartphone with the best performance throughout 2015. Apple iPhone 6S Plus ranks first with a score of 132 620.

Following in second place is Huawei Mate 8. The score far adrift from the iPhone 6S Plus, namely 92 746, as reported AndroidCommunity and collected ColekcolekTekno, Monday (18/01/2016).

Meizu Pro 5 won third place with a score a little different from Mate 8. The output of China Mobile raked 86 214 scores.

Samsung respectively in fourth and fifth positions. Each type of cell phone Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (83 364) and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (82 087).

List of the best smartphone 2015 version AnTuTu
Unknown, AnTuTu have for years issued a list of the best smartphones. It seemed to be a tradition every turn of the year.

But there is a difference this year. If previously AnTuTu just released the best smartphone operating system Android, IOS now also be included. It is possible AnTuTu v6.0 application that has been able to measure the performance of your iOS device.