Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lumia 650 Lumia Smartphone Will Be the Last?


Microsoft reportedly will soon release a new smartphone, the Lumia 650. Interestingly, he crowded predicted would be the first and last Lumia devices from Microsoft in 2016.

As summarized ColekcolekTekno of PhoneArena, Monday (01/18/2016) Microsoft allegedly will no longer release a smartphone under the name "Lumia", at least until 2016 ends.

In fact, there is mention, Microsoft will no longer release after the Lumia 650. Lumia smartphone software giant called will switch to the new brand, the Surface Phone.

The name "Surface" is a known brand that is widely used for computer convertible tablet devices and Microsoft.

Premium affordable

The Lumia 650 will become a business smartphone at an affordable price. This product carries a premium design with metal wrapped body.

However, in order to maintain the price, Lumia 650 seems to only be equipped with a specification that is not too powerful,

Jeroannya list, according to reports circulating, 212 buatann Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, 1 GB RAM, storage capacity of 8 GB micro-SD card slot, and a 5-inch screen (1.280x720)
Other specifications include include a 5-inch screen with a resolution support of 1280 x 720 pixels.
He was, as ColekcolekTekno summarized from Phone Arena, Monday (01/18/2016), is said to have

Like the Lumia 950 and 550 series which had already been introduced, the Lumia 650 will run the operating system Windows 10. A recent report states that the Lumia 650 will be officially introduced on 1 February 2016.