Thursday, December 3, 2015

It's 10 Best Smartphone 2015 version AnTuTu


AnTuTu benchmark app lists the smartphone with the best performance throughout 2015. Apple iPhone 6S Plus ranks first with a score of 132 620.

Following in second place is Huawei Mate 8. The score far adrift from the iPhone 6S Plus, namely 92 746, as reported AndroidCommunity and collected ColekcolekTekno, Monday (18/01/2016).

Meizu Pro 5 won third place with a score a little different from Mate 8. The output of China Mobile raked 86 214 scores.

Samsung respectively in fourth and fifth positions. Each type of cell phone Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (83 364) and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (82 087).

List of the best smartphone 2015 version AnTuTu
Unknown, AnTuTu have for years issued a list of the best smartphones. It seemed to be a tradition every turn of the year.

But there is a difference this year. If previously AnTuTu just released the best smartphone operating system Android, IOS now also be included. It is possible AnTuTu v6.0 application that has been able to measure the performance of your iOS device.