Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Here's How To Kids Can Be "Safe" Watch Netflix


Some movies and TV series available on Netflix exist that contain scenes that can only be consumed by adults, not children.

To that end users are given the Parental Controls feature in each account dibikinnya.

Each account is made in Netflix can set limits what contents could be accessed, based on the level of maturity.

Here's how ntuk regulate access Netflix content based on the level of maturity:

Open Menu Manage Profiles on each account. The menu is available via the drop down menu once the mouse is directed into an existing user account icon in the upper right corner. After selecting Manage Profiles, a new page that displays user profiles will appear. Select the one you want to edit access restrictions. If the profile is not there, it can be added through the Add Profile. Edited in the Profile page, next to the profile name provided checkbox "Kids". Tick ??if the profile will be used for an audience of children.
Under the profile name of the menu there is also a level of maturity profile, the user can choose to access to children, adolescents, and adults (all levels of maturity).

Setekah it, click "Save" in the bottom row.

To see the rating system that made Netflix, visit the link below.

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