Thursday, September 10, 2015

Neighbors Zuckerberg Delish So what?


Got home beside the residence one of the richest men in the world was not pleasant. At least that's the impression neighbors Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The neighbors are now angry. They are upset and angry because of the security team guarding Zuckerberg often park their cars illegally.

Facebook boss region of residence, who is housing around Dolores Park, San Francisco, did not have many parking spaces on the roadside.

Thus, the people who live there feel that parking space is precious. And the actions of the security team Zuckerberg park two cars with haphazard considered very disturbing comfort.

I was so angry, some neighbors making a letter circulated to other neighbors. It contained a call for a compact report that Facebook boss to the Department of Transportation in San Francisco.

"I think we've been pretty patient and be friendly during the construction of the house Zuck. The atmosphere was noisy, lots of garbage, there is also blocking the road, and other similar matters," read the letter, as reported ColekcolekTekno of Mirror, Saturday (16 / 1/2016).

"Now all the 'circus' was finished, we were still given a problem with the existence of two SUV indiscriminate land filling best parking position here. In fact, everyone knows difficult to find a parking space around the edge of the road in Dolores Park," he added.

A letter containing the complaint was fitted with contact details Residential Security Manager Zuckerberg, Tim Wenzel, including e-mail addresses of their Facebook.

However, Facebook boss was unmoved. He considers his security team had acted appropriately.

"The vehicle belonged to the security team parked in accordance with local parking rules. However, we keep trying to be sensitive to the concerns and does not intend to bother a lot of people," said a spokeswoman for Facebook's boss.

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