Wednesday, July 8, 2015

ISIS Make Two Android Applications


the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) turned out to develop their own Android application specifically to communicate with other members, as well as the application of propaganda.

The application named Alrawi and Amaq Agency. This application was found in 2015 and then by a network of independent anti-terrorism Security Group Ghost.

Alrawi not just a mere messaging tool. In the programming code tucked encryption technology to secure the various conversations in it.

"Encryption is not as good as the company that has made in research and development. However, its existence proves that they are trying to secure the communication channel," said a spokesman Ghost Security Group.

Meanwhile, Amaq Agency is an application with a different purpose. The terror group used as a medium for propaganda, not communication.

Applications Amaq Agency used ISIS to spread propaganda
As reported by ColekcolekTekno of Newsweek, Friday (15/01/2016), the application can not be obtained directly through the Google App Store, but it must be downloaded using a specific code to be used on your phone or Android tablet.

Ghost Security Group believes that in the future, ISIS will make more applications.

Terror group that was expected was recruited many hackers to help them in cyber warfare.

In addition to preparation of the application and recruiting hackers, ISIS also has long used social media as a tool of propaganda disseminators.

They never put on Facebook and Twitter. However, since both social media was refused and rid themselves of the various accounts involved ISIS, then they switch to Telegram.

Meanwhile, Telegram feel uncomfortable with this fact. They then tried to block the accounts associated with ISIS. In total there are 78 accounts in about 12 languages.

Meanwhile, it is known, there are some accounts that can be accessed. Some of them have more than 2,000 followers.

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