Thursday, December 17, 2015

Netflix Will Block "Cheaters access" to its Services


Netflix will block the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access the movie streaming service.

It leveled VP of Content Delivery Architecture Netflix David Fullagar today, Friday (16/01/2015), via the official website of the online movie rental service.

VPN is a private connection that is accessible via the public network. VPN Netflix could fool the system by giving the IP address information "false" in accordance states that the user wants.

Proxy limited it allows users to access Netflix in a country even though the service has not expanded into the country.

Fullagar said it was time the VPN is blocked. Because, now Netflix is ??already present in 190 countries.

"If our content is available globally, there is no reason to use a proxy to trick users of our system," he said.

Cheating netizen trick VPN system with long-standing. But Netflix does not want to be careless with immediately block the proxies for services previously only available in 60 countries.

Earlier this year, Netflix to bring its services to 130 other countries, including Indonesia. Nevertheless, there are still reasons to keep using VPN.

VPN still need to be used because it is not uniform collection of films in each country. For example, Sleepless in Seattle, starring Meg Ryan is available in Indonesia, but not in the United States.

By using a VPN, customers can watch entire movies owned by Netflix.

Blocking VPN is scheduled to go into effect next few weeks. Along with that, Fullagar promised Netflix will continue to expand the scope of its services.

"We strive to provide our content to consumers wherever in order to enjoy Netflix without a proxy. That is our goal." he said.

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