Sunday, December 13, 2015

Fear of "Left", Facebook Prepare New Browser


Social network Facebook testing new browser that is designed so that users do not leave the application when opening a link that is shared through Facebook.

The integrated browser (in-app browser) now has several new features making it more resembles an internet browser.

ColekcolekTekno quoted from The Next Web, Monday (01/18/2016), the old version of the browser only displays a link page, and open hyperlinks to other links.

Latest browser now lets users type in the URL yourself because there is the URL address at the top of the browser.

Thus, Facebook users can visit other internet pages without having to leave the Facebook application, for example, when trying to check details or any other supporting data of an article being read.

In addition, there is a back and forward button, the button bookmarks the page, and the Menu button at the bottom, in addition there is also information about the popularity of a post.

In addition to testing the new browser, Facebook also is trying Instant Articles which features news articles shared on Facebook can be displayed more quickly.

They both have one goal, that users remain at home staring at the screen up.

Not yet known whether Facebook will launch a separate application or not their browsers. Facebook is currently the focus is to improve the experience of using a browser.

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