Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Google and Lenovo Expand the Mobile Project Tango


Lenovo and Google officially announced the cooperation in the development of smartphones that will be equipped with Tango Project.

What exactly is the Tango Project? He is a mapping project room that is independently developed by Google. A device with a technology that can be used to capture images of three-dimensional (3D) of space scanned by the sensor.

3D features in this tablet is useful for mapping project rooms and other visual work, or even at a later date could be useful in the gaming industry.

As ColekcolekTekno summarized from Ubergizmo, Friday (08/01/2016), this technology would be very useful for those who want to design the furniture of the room and know what works before purchase.

Not yet known as to what this device will be. Both Lenovo and Google is still so much to reveal information about this device.

Several possibilities, the results will be released berbentang allegedly homemade 6.5 inches. The screen size is less common, given that most smartphones are rarely has a 6 inch screen above.

Alternatively, the smartphone's official name is not known to be equipped cengan chipset made by Qualcomm.

Neither the price nor the release date of this device is still mysterious. However, both companies are targeting completion of the device in mid-2016 with the tag of under 500 dollars, or about $ 7 million.

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