Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft Accused boy Hire


Institute of human rights activists Amnesty International found the practice of child labor in a number of technology companies and automotive. Some of them are Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft.

The companies mentioned are not directly involved. However, it is done by the supplier of raw materials for their products.

Amnesty International together with non-governmental organizations, Afrewatch, find the problem of child labor is currently investigating cobalt mining industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In fact, there were children aged 7 years and paid only about 2 dollars per day.

African countries is indeed a major source of cobalt and accounted for nearly half the supply of cobalt in the world.

As reported by ColekcolekTekno of Techcrunch, Wednesday (01/20/2016), both organizations focus on investigating the Congo Dongfang Mining (CDM) and Huayou Cobalt, which is a subsidiary of mining company of China and Korea.

The company buys cobalt from traders operating in areas vulnerable to child labor. Furthermore, cobalt sold to a manufacturer of battery components are used to make batteries and automotive technology company orders.

Amnesty International found there are 16 multinational companies that are registered as customers Huayou Cobalt. They had contacted each company and get a different answer.

Samsung SDI for example, the division that deals with the manufacture of batteries claimed never associated with Huayou Cobalt or DRM. They also claimed to always do a written evaluation and review directly on various human rights issues to the health and safety of workers

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