Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Official Guide, Here's How Welcomes WhatsApp Users


After a day after the announcement of the Chief Executive Officer WhatsApp Jan Koum, a sudden notification is sent to all users WhatsApp. The messaging app is now free.

Yes, complete the notification that reads, "As a courtesy we have granted lifetime service to your account."

Or translated, "As a sign of hospitality, we have given a lifetime of service to your account."

ColekcolekTekno watchlist, Wednesday (20/01/2016), while checking the Account and Payment Info, seen that the expiration date turned into a lifetime of service.

Though commonly seen in these parts is a service expiration date one year after the first active period, the subscription fee of Rp 12,000 per year and the method of payment is by credit card or Google Wallet.

In addition, at the bottom of any information appears stating that the service WhatsApp tethered to the phone number listed. Users can freely change the device, reinstall, or update the software, as long as the phone number remains the same.

Previously, it announced its intention to exempt Koum WhatsApp service in 2016. He also said the move will make Facebook's messaging application was flooded with advertisements.

Koum is pioneering a new monetization strategies, offering paid services with additional features specifically for the enterprise. They will begin testing this model in the near future.

Just to note, during this WhatsApp was free during the first year and charging Rp 12,000 per year for the next use. But as long as the service wear it, people can still extend its services without charge.

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