Saturday, August 29, 2015

4 Objects Mandatory taken when traveling "Packing"


1. Equipment anti dehydration

This equipment is not as complicated as imagined. Susceptible to dehydration occurs even when you are in a plane, especially if you do a long-distance flights. Simply bring a bottle of drinking water refill. In many countries such as in Europe and the United States, there are lots of public places to recharge the water for free. Take advantage of the places fill this drinking water.

2. The battery charger cord

Mobile phones, cameras, and tablets are some of the equipment that can accompany while traveling. If you run out of battery power, then the equipment is so useless. Do not forget to bring the battery charger cable, better bring a portable battery charger.

3. Cash and cards

Bring cash in your pocket and your wallet. Bring also credit cards but not more than two cards, to avoid if your wallet is lost.

If you travel to another country, a time to go to the bank and grab some money in the local currency of the country you want to go. That way, you do not have to bother looking for local money when it arrives.

4. Documents

If you have documents in digital form, try printing to anticipate the data storage device is dead. Eg boarding passes are usually stored in the phone.
If traveling abroad, do not forget to photocopy passports for backup. Tips, paspor three pieces. Photocopy of passport first to save in the bag, the second could you love to a companion, while the third gave to relatives at home.

Take also the additional photos for a passport. The photo was useful when taking care of lost passport at the embassy.

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