Sunday, August 30, 2015

How to redden the lips


1. Use toothpaste
There have been many who know if the toothpaste in addition can make teeth be healthier and whiter, can also be utilized as a lipstick. It is very inexpensive, use toothpaste by applying toothpaste thin on the lips when they want to sleep. Well, do it this way regularly every night for 3 nights only

2. The advantage of honey

To support the rosy color and luster of your lips, then you can use honey after you use toothpaste as a rouge your lips. It's easy, you can apply honey often as possible after you use toothpaste during the three nights. the vitamin C content in honey can make the lips become more red and shiny healthy looking natural

3. Use butter and fruit and vegetable consumption

After two things above, you can use butter and honey just to make your lips become redder. To make your red lips look more natural and certainly not missing, then run a healthy lifestyle by eating foods healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Consumption of vegetables and fruit in the right amount, then in a short time your lips much healthier.

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