Saturday, August 1, 2015

WhatsApp Newest Version More Efficient to Call


WhatsApp messenger application range of new features. One of the interesting, there will be no option to save data when making voice calls via WhatsApp. How to?

WhatsApp incorporate two new features in the Settings. One is the "low usage of data".

When the part is selected, the system will automatically reduce the use of data when using WhatsApp Call feature. Obviously, this new feature will be very helpful if the quota of data packets thinning or quality of the network is bad.

Some sites claim the technology has been tried this new feature. The result, say the sound quality is still quite good. Loss of voice quality is certainly the case, though not too significant.

In addition, it appears there is a feature that allows users to backup or store the conversation in Google Drive application. This feature alone actually had attended a few months ago, but was eliminated by the WhatsApp.

Unclear, whether this feature will remain present in the latest version WhatsApp or not.

One other new feature called the "Mark As Unread". Press and hold a message, will display the feature selection. When the feature is used, the text color will change to green, indicating that the message has not been read.

This feature will be useful for those who want to mark or as a reminder of an important message that will be read back in the future.

There is also a new notification feature. Users can set a different ringtone for each person and group. Not only that, users can set the notification light of different colors for notifications every incoming message.

That means users can set different notification sounds for each person. Users will also be able to use the "mute" to not provide notification whenever there is a message from a particular person.

Notification feature itself would later be found on the details page of one person or group. To open the detail page, press and hold the desired person or group, then select "View Contact".

Until this news is raised, the latest version of WhatsApp still not present in the Google Play Store.

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