Monday, August 31, 2015

Powerful Ways To Get Pregnant And Boys


1. Pregnant How To Make Boys Associated Before Ovulation
If you are a couple who wanted a boy, you should have sex at the time or the day before ovulation. Ovulation is the time of the release of an egg from the ovary to the uterus of women. Usually ovulation time is three days before coming month and day 17 after coming months.

2. Consume Food Here
Attack mother if you want to have a boy should eat foods high in sodium and potassium as well as reducing calcium and magnesium. Foods high in sodium will create a wet environment. Bernatrium and high potassium foods include soybeans, bananas and tomatoes. Foods rich in calcium and magnesium to avoid include broccoli, shellfish and spinach.

3. Perform "Tunneling" Which is In
By doing a "breakthrough" that in, this will help seed the husband approached the wife of the egg cell. If it is not too deep, then the germ cells need efforts that are difficult to approach ovary cells, so the risk to get ovary cells would be difficult if the seeds are dead in the middle of the road when approaching the ovaries. if you do so in this will help to shorten the course of seed to the ovary. This is also the recommended way to get pregnant and have a baby boy.

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