Monday, August 31, 2015

Love That Makes Addiction



Falling in love is indeed addictive guys huh ?! Even for people who have felt the bitterness of love, he would not be able to reject the opium this one, falling in love. It is reasonable anyway, because when we fall in love with our brains secrete a substance dopamine, the substance that will give us the effect of opium.

Already know opiate effects that would make us feel happy and happy ?! Due to this reason also often addicted people to feel in love and felt they could not live happily without love. Continue to want to choose real opiate addiction or addictive want love, guys

When you had a crush on someone, there are times when you feel almost mad. How not crazy, when you had a crush on someone you will often remember vividly the person you crush, you can not stop to think about it or remove it from your mind. Fancy term does not eat good, sleep was not restful, just imagine him alone.

Well, if you've so blame the substance serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is one of the hormones that affect a person's mood and attitude. When you fall in love, your brain will be flooded with these hormones so you will feel carefree, happy, increased appetite, and always think of the person you appraiser.

Essentially, it is important to make the blindness remains a lasting relationship. But make no mistake select pairs yes, look for a pair that will take you to the pinnacle of success and blinded eyes of all the shortcomings and thank him for what. Moreover, in this world no man is perfect, right ?!