Monday, August 31, 2015

Top tracker For Centuries


Bloodhound breed is considered as an expert in terms of solving crimes. Amazingly powerful nose trace people and criminals for centuries.
That National Geographic Magazine September 2015 issue of the Bloodhound write about this.

But throughout the history of the Animal Police Indonesia, has never even once in the squad Bloodhound breed dogs.

Biologist from Victor Vallev College-California, Lisa Harvey, as reported by the National Geographic September 2015, said the facial skin Bloodhound loose, including the lapel mouth and neck hanging, and ears drooping and saliva are many, helped suck odor molecules ,
Advantages not possessed other dogs.

In fact, the President of the National Police Bloodhound Association, Doug Lowry, said the veteran Bloodhound dogs can trace scent 2 days old among the crowd, wind, and rain.

While the current handler Indonesian Police sniffer dogs quickly surrendered when confronted with a case in an open space where only told two days after the event occurs.
In fact, said Doug Lowry, Bloodhound dog smells identify each person as fingerprints.

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