Saturday, August 1, 2015

New Heaven Bone Bay-East Sulawesi

KOLUT, a name that may be unfamiliar to the public country. The name is actually an abbreviation of an autonomous region in Southeast Sulawesi, namely North Kolaka. Still do not know? It's okay, but we can not forget the names of legendary figures who had never worn in memory of those who dwell on the island of Sulawesi, even se Antero archipelago. He is Muzakkar Kahar, a figure which is known as a founder of DI / TII part of Kartosuwiryo leadership in Java.

In the literature kesejaharahan, Kahar Muzakkar known as a rebel in the history of the leadership of President Sukarno, but in the eyes of the people of Sulawesi, particularly in South and Southeast Sulawesi peninsula, Kahar Muzakar is sorely in idiolakan figure, and always figured as being 'great hero' for Bugis people, especially those who dwell in Luwu Raya (Sulawesi) and North Kolaka (Kolut).

So much for the amount of attention people Kolut to figure Muzakkar Kahar, often heard rejection if Kahar Muzakkar called deceased, let alone shot dead by bullets Eli Sadeli, soldiers of the troops Siliwangi. For them, Kahar is a real human. Brave, religious leaders, human immune, and has many followers. In the past, the people who dwell in Kolut feel very proud of being called as followers Kahar than part of the Republic. So much love for the Kolut against this figure.

Why Kolut or North Kolaka? This region is in the oral tradition as a region and bases Kahar struggle. In the modern era, with its capital Lasusua Kolut District, is a region located in the 'base of the foot "island of Sulawesi, which becomes a barrier region three provinces, namely South Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi and Central Sulawesi. His pass, Kolut dealing directly with Bone Bay on the north, and an expansion area Kolaka in 2004. It is then that the background of this district called North Kolaka, or more 'comfortable' with its trend abbreviation 'Kolut'. Concise, practical, and easy to remember.

Lasusua, Venice at night
The age of the new district entered its 11th year, Kolut with Lasusua capital was transformed into a modern city, which actually compete with other old towns in Southeast Sulawesi, such as Kendari city that became capital of the province and the City Baubau on Buton Island. The success came after performing a cold-handed leader who became his regent, Rusda Mahmud. This latter figure is touted as a leader without imaging. Why is it like that? Rusda Mahmud said in a statement, the head of the local duty work, not just talk.

Rusda Mahmud intellect is not the character of the region, he even named as an adventurer who likes to pass the area of ​​the island of Java to Timor Leste. Build character may be formed from the current life journey. This then within seven years of his leadership today, juggling Rusda Lasusua as a modern city with a minimalist berarsitek infrastructure. Not only that, seascape, Gulf of Bone who became the face of Lasusua City, reminds many visitors to the city is calling Lasusua metropolitan tub at night. Perhaps hyperbole, but the reality does indicate so. The city is sparkling at night especially along pantainya.mengingatkan the city of Venice in Italy. Enjoy this city with banisters beach, breeze, painting landscapes such as mountain valleys and beaches, as well as visitors boisterous beach cafĂ©, drove our thinking nature of the films titled romance. So Romantic.

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