Sunday, August 30, 2015

Here are the steps MTB bike wash correctly

Anatoni Sepeda Mtb

1. Remove all accessories that are in the handle bar (handlebar), eg: bell, lights, speedometer, etc.. If you use the V connecting cable brakes off by pressing on both sides of the calipers. Unplug v brakes technique is applicable also if you use V brakes on the rear wheels.

2. Rewind your bike, to avoid abrasions on the saddle and grips we can wear shoes that are not too hard and soft for example, we can use a mattress with a thickness of 5mm.
How to flip your bike properly is standing next to the bike grasp the front suspension (down tube) and one hand holding the seat post (saddle seat). Then turn slowly until the bike upside down.

3. Remove the front and rear wheels, open the front axle fasteners to open the locking clip if there is, if you do not use a bicycle clip, you need to use a wrench in accordance with the size of the bolts are used as locking the front axle.
To remove the rear wheel, loose fasteners rear axle, pull backward gear shifting system (RD) sufficiently so that the rear derailleur rear wheels can pull up and apart.

4. Clean the drive system (chain, gears, pedals, rear derailleur). Prepare a brush and soapy water. Start brushing RD with a brush soaked in soapy water, to clean the chain using a soft cloth, dampen the cloth with soapy water by turning the chain swivel your pedal forward so that the chain rotates. Hold the cloth against the chain of your bike so that dirt that is attached to the last lap.
Continue with cleaning Crank (front gear, the pedal arm and pedal) with a brush that was in the wet with soapy water, brush evenly and thoroughly so that all parts of the front drive exposed regardless of soapy water and dirt, then wipe with a clean cloth.
Clean the pedal and the gear side with a brush soaked in soapy water, continue to dry with a clean cloth.

5. Clean the bottom of the frame, use a cloth and soapy water. Wipe evenly to all parts of the frame, handle bars (front handlebar), the top tube (top frame), and seat ways (rear frame). Do not forget to clean the gear shifting cable and the brake puller.

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