Monday, August 31, 2015

History of the keyboard in general.

GCS CROP 2010-10

1. Harpsichord. This is the first type of keyboard that produces sound by plucking the strings like a guitar, only an excerpt form of keys. Although you press keys with strong or weak, the strength of the resulting sound remains the same.

2. Piano. By using small hammers instead of the passage, the sound is more dynamic. Hammers is run with the keys, which give a pianist full control of the strength or weakness of the sound produced.

3. Electric piano. Although the piano has an elegant and beautiful voice, the piano is very difficult to be moved to a place. When the presence of musicians in the 50s began to bloom, they want a portable musical instruments like drums. Therefore made electric piano (and organ).

4. Synthesizer. After 300 years since the emergence of the harpsichord and piano, the musicians began to familiar and comfortable with the keyboard keys. Made a musical instrument that has the same look as a keyboard but with the sound of electric-called synthesizer. Until that time, the keyboard player is still called a "pianist" or "organic".

However, when the birth of musical instruments that have the same appearance as a piano, but can produce the sound of musical instruments orchestra to sound singing cat, nicknamed "pianist" does not fit anymore, then designations keyboard player appear.

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