Saturday, August 29, 2015

After the Smartphone, Snapdragon Will "Fly" Drone


By centralizing various functions in one package, crafted by Qualcomm's Snapdragon chip is believed to reduce the selling price of drones.

Qualcomm intends to explore new business. Once in the world of smartphones and tablets, the chip maker is planning to join the drone industry.

However, US companies do not think this is going to produce its own drones. Just like its business over the years, Qualcomm chip will sell its products for use in devices belonging to other manufacturers.

At the beginning of the business, Qualcomm will be offered one of the flagship chip, Snapdragon 800. The chip is said to have been sufficiently reliably perform various functions, such as photography, navigation, and communications.

Typically, a drone device requires different chips to deal with each of these functions.

"The Snapdragon 800 actually can do all that," said Senior VP of Qualcomm's Raj Talluri.

By compressing the various chips in a single chip, Qualcomm believes can cut the price of existing drones. For your information, the drones with photographic capabilities typically priced starting from 500 US dollars, or approximately USD 6.9 million.

"We should have been able to lower the price significantly drone" said Talluri.

Qualcomm plans to introduce drones business in detail in the next month or September. Qualcomm has already started meeting with other vendors to market the chip.

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