Saturday, August 1, 2015

Northern white rhinoceros Dead, Left 4 in the World

Nabire, the 31-year-old female, died at Zoo Dvur Kralove, Czech Republic, on Monday (07/27/2015) night.

With the death of the now only three females and one male tail northern white rhinos left in the world.

One tails live in the San Diego Zoo, the US, and three tails at Ol Pejeta conservation in Kenya.

This subspecies in the process of extinction for several years because of hunting and loss of habitat.

"Pathological cysts in the body Nabire so great. There is no way to solve it," said Ji? Í Hruby, the curator of rhinoceros in the zoo.

IVF method

Nabire born at Zoo Republic and is one of the rhino that is expected to maintain the continuity of these animals.

He suffered from cysts on reproduction, but conservation experts has long hoped to develop an egg from the left ovary are still healthy by using IVF or IVF.

This has been done while still alive Nabire. After his death, Nabire ovaries removed and taken to a specialized laboratory in Italy.

If it is possible, now require IVF embryo implantation northern white rhino at the southern white rhino closely connected and more numerous.

In 2009, four rhinos were moved from Dvur Kralove Zoo to Kenya with the hope of the natural environment there will help the breeding, but this initiative did not produce a new rhino births.

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